What is Extreme Programming? And why you should care?


Hello and welcome back to my blog again.

Hope you are doing great with what you love

Now let’s jump right into today’s post

Although I’m not an experienced developer on this topic neither I want to misguide you guys. But I’m sharing something about Extreme Programming after what I personally learned and experience from head first java.

The simple meaning of Extreme Programming in my opinion is “the practice of writing the test code first before implementing the real code”

Let me make it more understandable here

Suppose you are building a program with bunch of classes and methods in Java. When you are at this stage, what would you start with?

By looking at the desired outcome, you might want to start with implementing methods for a particular class. But in XP or Extreme Programming practice, you don’t. In XP you start by writing the test code first before there’s anything to test.

Now you might ask “I don’t see the point here. Why not wait until the code is written and then whip out the test code?”

The act of thinking through and writing the test code first helps clarifies your thoughts about what the method itself needs to do. Here’s the best part of it that I like most

“Write a little test code first and then write a little implementation code to pass test code and then write some more test code and write only the new implementation code needed to pass that new test code. At each test iteration, you run all the previously written tests, so you always prove that your latest code addition doesn’t break previously-tested code.”

That’s it

The concept of XP is wider than what I explained here. Over time this post will be improved as i go through some advanced concept of Extreme Programming. Like I mention above, this is just what I personally experienced with Extreme Programming.

My point maybe differ than yours and I welcome your opinion.

Hope you enjoyed and learned something from what you just read here.

Let me know in the comment section below, after all, you all matter and all of your thoughts are welcomed here


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